Introducing Brand Strategy

Welcome to Brand Strategy, the Internet program that helps you develop effective brand and marketing strategies, produce professionally-designed brands.

Using Brand Strategy, you can work in three different areas:
  Brand Strategy guides you through a series of questions that helps you formulate an effective sales strategy. Each question analyzes a key aspect of your product or service, your audience, and your sales message. Brand Strategy provides a comprehensive list of responses at each step, so that you can precisely define the important elements in your advertising and marketing plan. A Notes section lets you add additional comments. You can print your responses in the form of Strategy Report.  
  Design strategy shows you over 30 professionally designed brands, each with unique reccomendations. Each brand reflects a specific industry that will guide you in the development of an effective strategy for your brand.  
  Headline Strategy provides you with a wide range of formulas that advertising professionals use to write successful headlines. You can browse through the headline formulas, read the tips and examples that come with each one, and decide on the headline strategy that suits your needs. If the tips and examples inspire you, you can type your own headline right then and there in the Notes section.  
  The end result of your work with Brand Strategy is a concise and well-conceived brand and marketing strategy along with a visual representation of the form it will take. All in a matter of minutes!  
      To start the program, click on one of the tabs above. Brand Strategy saves your work automatically.

Upon completion of all sections, click Report command, located on the top right corner of screen, to view your business' brand marketing strategy. To obtain hard copy of the report - simply click on "Print" option on your browser's toolbar, or select "Print" option from the "File" menu..

To get more help, click on a specific area menu on the left.