Headline Strategy Help

This part of the manual explains the Headline Strategy section. Here you'll use Brand Strategy guidelines to come up with a headline that works.

Choose from a wide range of formulas that advertising professionals use to write successful headlines. Browse through the headline formulas, read the tips and examples that come with each one, and decide on the headline strategy that suits your needs.

Tips for effective headlines:
  • Be clear rather than clever.
  • Say "you" instead of "we".
  • Favor small words over large.
  • Promise a benefit.
  • Involve the visual.
  • Speak to the individual.
  • Avoid negative headlines.
  • Be direct.
  • Put the main idea in the headline.
  • Make your copy enthusiastic.

  1   Click Headline Strategy command from the navigation tab at the top of the screen. The screen shows a list of headline styles on the left side.  
  2   Click any item in the list to read the description and example of that headline style.  
  3   Use the Notes box of your headline style choice, to type in comments and ideas for the headline or design strategy.  
  4   Leave the headline section from a style you chose. The style along with the note will appear on the printed Strategy Report.